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A La Carte



Soup of the Day £6.50

Classic Caesar Salad £7.95

Wild Mushrooms on Garlic Creamed Mushroom Toast, Melting Taleggio, Herb Dressing £9.95

Grilled Figs, Roquefort & Rocket Salad, Shaoxing & Maple Dressing £8.95

New Season Wye Vale Asparagus, Poached Egg & Hollandaise £9.95

Locally Smoked Scottish Salmon, Capers & Soda Bread £10.95

Hand Picked Portland Crab on Avocado Toast £12.95

Classic Prawn Cocktail, Soda Bread £9.50

Chilli Salt Squid, Spring Onions & Garlic £8.95

Blackened Jumbo Prawns, and Creole Mustard Sauce £11.95

Fresh Dorset Snails in Blue Cheese Sauce or Garlic Butter £9.95

Our Scotch Egg & Chutney, ask for today’s flavour £7.95

Devilled Lamb’s Kidneys, on Field Mushrooms £8.95

Fillet Steak Tartare, Melba Toast £13.00



All our steaks are a minimum of 28-day dry aged Surrey Farm Beef with the best flavour and are served with chips. 

24oz T-Bone* £39

24oz Rib Chop* £39

18oz Sirloin on the Bone £34

16oz Chateaubriand (for 2) £33 pp

16oz Rump £26

8oz Rump £14

10oz Rib Eye £26

9oz Sirloin £25

9oz Fillet £36

6oz Fillet £26

6oz Fillet Steak Au Poivre £27

9oz Fillet Steak Au Poivre £37

7oz Oakey Gold Wagyu Rump £27

8oz Corn Fed Chicken Breast £14

7oz Iberico Pork Cutlet £24

Surf n Turf add £10 Choose any steak and the steak is carved and served with Pil Pil Prawns & Crispy Squid


A selection of fish, Shellfish and vegetarian dishes will be available daily


The Windsor Grill – Rump Steak, Pork Sausage, Lamb’s Kidney, Calf’s Liver, Bacon, Lamb Cutlet, Black Pudding, Chorizo, Pork Belly, Tomato & Mushrooms £27

Pan-Fried Calf’s Liver, Colcannon Mash, Grilled Bacon, Caramelised Onions & Gravy £17



Whole Roast Garlic Bulb £3.75

Melting Onions £3.75

Roast Marrow Bone £3.95

Blackened Prawns £8.95

Tempura Prawns £8.95


Herb & Garlic £2.50

Roquefort £2.50

Béarnaise £2.50

Pepper £2.50

Diane £2.50

Mushroom £2.50

Blue Cheese £2.50

Chimichurri £2.50

Windsor Grill Steak Sauce (Smoked Ancho Chilli) £2.25

Tomato Chilli Jam £2.25



Skinny Chips £3.95

Triple Cooked Duck Fat Chips £4.75

Triple Cooked Chunky Chips £3.95

Buttered Greens £3.50

Buttered Spinach £4.25

Crispy Fried Cauliflower, Cheese Dip £4.00

Mixed Salad £4.50

Rocket & Lemon Salad £3.75

Bacon Greens £4.00

Garlic Mushrooms £3.75

Leaf Salad £4.00

Rocket & Parmesan Salad £4.25

Tomato, Red Onion & Basil Salad £4.25

Caesar Salad £4.00